MIB Volunteer Program

Part I.  Introduction

Our Mission:
To provide training and employment for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, to facilitate independence and self-reliance in all aspects of their lives.

Vision Statement:
It is the vision of Mississippi Industries for the Blind (MIB) to be the preferred employer of Mississippians who are blind or visually impaired throughout the whole state of Mississippi.  MIB will have several manufacturing locations across the state providing employment opportunities.  All wages paid will be competitive with commercial organizations.  The opportunities provided will span all levels of the organization.

Values Statement:
We will respect each of our fellow employees for their abilities to perform the multitude of jobs at MIB.  All employees have a vital contribution to make to MIB’s success.  Every employee will use his or her abilities to their fullest.  When necessary, we will eagerly help each other to succeed in our tasks so that MIB can be a success.  We will uphold the trust placed in all of us to maintain a safe and productive work place.

We will respect the needs of our customers and will strive to meet their needs not only in quality, but in delivery and quantities.  We realize that without our customers we would not be able to complete our mission and this responsibility is taken very seriously. We value our partnership with our vendors.  We will treat our vendors fairly and honestly.  The partnership can succeed only if both parties succeed in the endeavors undertaken.  MIB will be a good corporate citizen in the communities we serve.

Part II.  Volunteer Overview

Mississippi Industries for the Blind uses volunteers in the Low Vision Aids and Appliances Retail Division because of the long hours of clerical work that it may include.  Volunteers must be high school graduates, over eighteen years old, and dedicated to serve.  The volunteer will work under the supervision of the Volunteer Coordinator, the Human Resources Department, and/or other MIB Low Vision Store affiliates. 

Part III.  Volunteers for the Low-Vision Aids & Appliances Division

Our Low-Vision Aids & Appliances Division at MIB is a retail business; however, we only make marginal profits to cover shipping costs.  Low-vision aids and appliances are devices that help reinstate independence in the lives of those with visual impairments; items such as walking canes, magnifiers, cooking utensils, and more can all be classified as low-vision aids and/or appliances.  MIB receives orders for these products from clients with visual impairments (or the caretakers, family members, and friends thereof), and then, in turn, orders them through manufacturing companies that sell to vendors such as MIB.

Part IV. Volunteers for the Low-Vision Aids & Appliances Division Job Description

Typical tasks that the Volunteer may perform in his or her daily job:

  • Assist with other major duties pertaining to everyday Low Vision Store functions
  • Greet customers and demonstrate products to be sold
  • Sell products and maintain clear transaction records
  • Assist in ordering new products for the inventory
  • Assist with inventory assessment & organization
  • Assist with making account reports