Mississippi Industries for the Blind, A Short History

Started by a state government agency in 1942, Mississippi Industries for the Blind has been training and employing individuals with vision disabilities ever since, thus giving them a chance at financial independence and overall self-reliance.  While also serving the blind community over the past 70 years, MIB has also become a valuble part of the manufacturing industry, selling a variety of products (such as the iconic Army barracks bags) to national and state agencies, even extendeing their products to the private sector in more recent years.  In the 1980s, Mississippi Industries for the Blind opened a satellite facility in Meridian, MS specializing in metal works which fulfilled the employment needs of the blind community in the eastern part of the state.  Because of MIB’s long-standing history of community committment and high product quality, it is therefore no surprise that in 2010 the company became ISO 9001 certified, thus further highlighting MIB’s path to excellency.
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