Donations through Multi-Media

As a part of our Foundation’s efforts to grow in social reach and awareness, we have been searching through various marketing tools and companies to find our best fit.  And what have we discovered?  That there are philanthropists–companies and individuals–who give their resources, time, and energy toward these specific services for non-profits like us!  
Our first marketing and branding find in the fall of 2012, was with the Causality Group based out of San Antonio, TX.  With little experience in grant writing, we applied for a matching grant from Causality, the funds from which we hoped to expand our web presence as well as update our printed, collateral materials.  And we were successful!  After being given this opportunity by and with Causality, we have put together materials for our new website (coming soon!) as well as think in a broader scope of how our Foundation can move forward.  With the help of Causality’s multi-media expertise, we can now organize a sustainable trajectory for our non-profit thereby expanding our resources, especially online.
Another mult-media driven individual to whom we owe much appreciation, is Drew Sanders from Drew Sanders Media.  In hearing about our cause, community involvement, and attempts to cultivate a wider contiguity, specifically within the realms of media, Drew offered his skills in videography and blogging–not to mention his time–for our benefit.  He is currently editing two video projects for the Foundation–one of which will be featured on the aforementioned updated website!–which were shot on site at Mississippi Industries for the Blind.
Drew and Employee of the Year, Sandra Williams, preparing for her on-screen interview for last week’s filming.
So if you’re ever wondering how you can help our non-profit–SHARE.  Retweet.  #FF.  Any positive online exposure that you can give us through your own social media presence–be it e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, a personal blog, whatever–heightens the community’s awareness of our services and programs.